Each medal is crafted with the greatest care by master carvers located in Asia, where jade cutting and carving are ancestral.  After being carefully checked, each medal is set in France with either 925 silver or gold plated bail (18 kt yellow or white gold upon request).

Each medal is presented with a nice gift box and a gemmological certificate which gives you the guarantee that you are the holder of a natural and untreated jade medal.

Our medals are only in "type A" jadeite jade or "natural and untreated" nephrite jade.

What does it mean ? Three quarters of the market, and probably more, consist in "B type" jade (bleached and polymer impregnated jade) and "C type" jade (bleached, polymer impregnated and dyed jade). The value of B and C jade is a very small percentage of A jade because the whole structure has been damaged by acid and the natural colour has been changed by dye.

The quality of jade jewellery shown on this website is certified by Eurojade, specialized in natural and untreated jadeite and nephrite.