'My name is Jade' jadeite jade medal Your name is Jade and you are unique.  This is the reason why we created this medal for you.

 The Jade medal has been crafted by jade masters either in jadeite jade, or in nephrite jade, which are the only stones which can be called "jade".

 Our jade is natural and untreated, and this is why each medal is different. Both sides of the medal are polished and one bears the word "jade", with is the name of the gemstone but also yours.

Each medal is presented with a yellow gold plated or a 925 silver bail (18 kt yellow or white gold upon request) and a nice gift box.

A gemmological certificate completes the whole, giving you the guarantee of a natural and quality product.

This precious jewel, symbol of eternity (in ancient times and numerous civilizations, jade hold all the virtues and it still has a very strong meaning and power) will follow you for a long time and remind you that your name if also one of a beautiful gemstone.